“Sister Wave 3” latest news, a number of artists confirmed to participate in the list, nine actresses confirmed that the list is false

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Mango TV launched two famous artists talent show “Braving the Wind and waves sister” (hereinafter referred to as: Sister Lang) and “Braving the Thorns brother” (hereinafter referred to as:But after two seasons of “Sister Wave”, the third season was not launched while it was hot. Instead, “Brother Wave” was launched. Before the “Brother Wave” was finished, Mango station announced at the 2022 Variety show invitation meeting that “Sister Wave 3” and “Brother Wave 2” would be launched this year.Wave elder sister 3 planned in the first half, but due to various reasons, the program to record until next month, and from the aspects of the guests invited, also it can be seen that although many entertainment artists, but the right guests less and less, this may also be mango why delay one year launched wave elder sister 3.Distance from the recording time is getting closer and closer, the online exposure of a number of lists, also can roughly distinguish who will participate in who does not participate in, because recently a number of artists from the explosion confirmed to participate in, at the same time there are nine actresses refuted rumors that the list is false.First of all, a number of artists have revealed themselves in advance, they are Wang Xinling, Huang Liling, Zhong Xintong, Charlene Choi, Huang Ali, Wang Zixuan, Wan Bixia, Li Yixiao, Pan Chen and others.Among them wang Xinling is in isolation, isolation time arrived immediately;During the live broadcast, Lillian Huang said that there would be a new show to be recorded. Although there is no routine for that show, everyone knows it, while Xintong Zhong and Charlene Choi flew to Changsha a few days ago.In addition, there are Wang Zixuan, Li Yixiao, Xue Kaiqi three people are also very likely, they are currently practicing dance, and from the past two seasons of the program, sun practice dance artists, the possibility of participating in the program is very large, but not until the last moment, there is the possibility of change.Compared to those who revealed themselves, the nine actresses, coco Lee, Sun Yue, Li Bingbing, Ren Jiaxuan, Zhan Wenting, Cao Lu, Liu Yan, Chen Grain and Yuan Yawei, have been more direct in refuting the rumors.It has been seven years since Sun Yue appeared on the stage, but in the 2022 Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala, sun Yue returned after a seven-year hiatus with singing and dancing. At the age of 50, she changed two sets of clothes and sang five hits in a row.If Sun Yue had participated in the event, she would certainly have been a “guest”. However, she could not attend because of an emergency, not because she did not accept the invitation at the very beginning. She had to quit because she had broken her foot and needed time to recover after sitting in a wheelchair.Coco Lee is currently in quarantine, but instead of appearing on Sister Wave 3, she will appear on mango channel’s other music show, Live.As a famous actress, Li bingbing had no need to appear on the show, nor did she lack the heat and resources.Cao Lu was not invited by the program group. Chen And Yuan Yawei, as professional singers, had some excellent songs, which were better than the second talent show.This is the awkward place where the program group of “Sister Wave” invites guests. There are a lot of slightly famous guests who are unwilling to participate, and those three and four lines of low-reputation program groups look down on them. Therefore, the more this program goes behind, the more difficult it is for guests to be invited.