Japanese soldiers broke into Chen yinke’s home, he shouted in fluent Japanese, the Japanese soldiers quickly apologized

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Born in 1890 in Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province, Chen Yinke is a rare figure in China’s modern historian, classical literature researcher, linguist and poet.Chen Yinke’s grandfather was an official of the imperial court. According to modern words, Chen Yinke belonged to the third generation of officials. He was such a “prince” who was mistakenly recognized by people, but made the Japanese army bow and apologize.01 Chen Yinke was born in a scholarly family, his grandfather was an official in the imperial court, and his father was very influential in the society. You should not think that growing up in such a family environment, Chen Yinke would be a real prince, but on the contrary, he does not look like a dandy.Chen yinque formed the good habit of enquiry at an early age, like reading, the habit let him at the age of 12, will go abroad to study, together with brother in Japan have mastered a lot of European and American technology, and in the knowledge of education achievement, at the same time in the communication to the language talent, only in a short span of time to master the essence of Japanese,My studies have improved a lot.After studying in Japan for three years, he had to go back to China for treatment because of his leg injury. After a short period of treatment and recovery, driven by his thirst for fresh knowledge, he set foot on the road of overseas study again and began to widely accept western culture.Chen Yinque has been studying abroad for four years, traveling in Berlin, Switzerland, France and other countries, which has broadened his horizon and laid a foundation for his further study.While under the influence of the first world war, let him study temporarily suspended, but rekindled the heart of the school after the war, although Chen yinque well-respected, but he never make public, but rather in the way of study to keep a low profile, optimistic and calm personality, as long as have spare money, the favorite books home even if the life is more and more hardship, but in the eyes of Chen yinque,Constantly acquiring new knowledge is the most important thing.It was this tenacity that enabled Chen Yinque to master eight languages during his seven years of overseas study, which improved his attainments in historiography, literature, language and other fields, and truly made Chen yinque a figure proficient in Chinese and Western culture.In the early 1920s, his academic excellence was praised by his peers. Every class was filled with seats. It can be seen that The students of Tsinghua University liked Chen’s lectures very much, and even famous professors of Tsinghua university took advantage of their free time to attend his lectures.Because the content of each class of Chen Yinque is different, it always brings freshness to the audience, enables the students to gain a lot of knowledge after class, and expands the scope of knowledge of students, which is unsurpassed by other professors in Tsinghua University.In 1939, Chen Yinque received an invitation from Oxford University. He decided to leave China with his family to become a professor of Sinology in Oxford University, with the purpose of spreading Chinese culture abroad. Just when he wanted to leave, the Japanese army invaded China.Chen yinque was forced to stay in Hong Kong to teach. During his stay in Hong Kong, he felt very sad when he saw the Japanese soldiers plundering and robbing people, and denounced the shameless acts of the Japanese army. His family did not escape the visit of the Japanese army, and his neighbors thought that the Japanese soldiers would take some valuables from his home.On the contrary, when The Japanese soldiers wanted to rough up Chen Yinke’s family, Chen yinke argued with them in fluent Japanese. At this time, the Japanese soldiers did not get angry, but listened quietly. Maybe it was because there were few Chinese who could speak Japanese at that time.Chen Yinke’s righteous words of reprimand attracted the attention of the Japanese captain, and they began a simple communication. The Japanese captain found Chen Yinke was a senior in his school, so he led the looting Japanese soldiers to bow and apologize to Chen, and left Chen yinke’s house in disgrace under his leadership.This also caused the attention of the Japanese government, know once study in multinational Chen yinque wit in Hong Kong, so use all kinds of temptation conditions Chen yinque and sought for the Japanese government, and use the identity of the Japanese to start school, the purpose is to spread the culture of Japanese invading China, Chen yinque rejected Japan’s government, on the spot in his heart, although his ambition to study,But love for China is an unsurpassable bottom line, and no one can violate China’s territory.Chen Yinque’s diligence and eagerness to learn is a model that our students should learn from, and his great love is the patriotic spirit that we should inherit. The reason why these patriots make other countries dare not cross the line and protect the national territory makes our country more and more brilliant.