Asia’s richest man reshufflesHe is worth 572.8 billion yuan, more than Both Zhong And Jack Ma

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In today’s society, not only is the economy developing rapidly, but also the position of the richest person is frequently exchanged.Once stood in the tuyere enterprises have obtained a lot of income, but also rely on this wealth.The lucky ones can go straight to the top of Asia’s or the world’s richest man.Money is like water, money does not stand still.It will follow the development of The Times, like water flowing in everyone’s arms.So as long as you grasp the right time, you will be able to make a lot of money in the current society.As new industries change, so do the people who make money.The richest person in Asia has been changed frequently, in the beginning, Ma Yun, and later Zhong Of Nongfu Spring in China.The richest man in Asia is now An Indian, worth 572.8 billion.Speaking of the richest man, let’s first know about the richest man in the world, Bill Gates was popular all over the world at that time.At that time, everyone knew he was the richest man in the world. He was still simple when he became the richest man. Later, he also donated many toilets to African slums.Gates was replaced as the world’s richest man by Louis Vuitton founder Jean-Jacques Arnault, who was worth 1.2 trillion yuan.The huge astronomical figure is jaw-dropping, if it is not for his existence I am afraid no one can think of, as a mortal actually can create so much wealth, the world’s richest man Arnault deserves the title.The assets of the world’s richest man leave us ordinary people in the dust. Some people want to say: “Will the assets of the richest man in Asia be a little less?”Asia’s richest man started out as Li Ka-shing, who rose to the top through his real estate business.But in recent years, the real estate development is slow, Li Ka-shing had to step down from the position of the richest man.Then Wanda group’s Wang Jianlin took the big brother’s place, with wanda Real estate and Wanda Plaza, the money around China.A rising star is Alibaba’s Jack Ma, whose net worth has reached around 300 billion yuan thanks to the power of the Internet.Despite his humble appearance, Ma is widely regarded as an icon.When the housing and dotcom boom faded, all that was left was industry.Zhong Shanshan, the founder of Nongfu Spring, has since taken the company public, valuing it at $500 billion.Such a high value rushed into the global rich list, but also the stock god Buffett to squeeze down.Riding the momentum, Zhong has become Asia’s richest man, with the value of his two companies doubling.The richest man in Asia, With a net worth of $500 billion, should have been the no. 1 in the Shanshan group for several years.Unexpectedly, all industries have been affected by the epidemic in the past two years.Even he, who made his fortune selling water, was powerless against the big trends.The Chairman was recently ousted from the top spot by India’s richest man, Shabani Ambani, who is said to be worth $536.7 billion.The jade jewelry in the home is numerous, because the beloved wife likes to live in the seaside, even in the seaside to build a seven-story villa.The villa has everything we can find, including a supermarket, cinema, car park, shopping mall and gym.It’s only seven stories, but it’s a tall story.Also has been named by the Indian government is illegal construction, through ambani’s efforts, was not demolished by the Indian government, through the residential enough to see ambani’s family strength.Mr Ambani made his fortune from his father, the founder of Reliance Industries, India’s largest private conglomerate.When his father retired at an old age, he handed over the business to Ambani, who led the business to flourish.The most important is that their family industry controls the lifeblood of the entire India, not only controlling the development direction of the country’s electricity, oil exploration, finance, biotechnology and telecommunications, but also controlling the entire Indian economy to a large extent, and adopting the way of monopoly.In India, even top government commanders give Ambani some slack.Reliance Industries has become a veritable “business empire” in India, with total assets of $16.8bn, equivalent to 3.5 per cent of GDP and 5 per cent of annual exports.It accounted for 30% of the profits of all private companies in India that year, and one in four Indian shareholders bought shares in the group.In 2003, reliance industries’ oil exploration, petrochemicals and other businesses were all profitable, and its market value nearly doubled from 2002.At the same time, reliance Communications successfully implemented diversified strategy to enter the mobile communications field, enabling reliance Communications to seize 21% share of The Indian mobile communications market in less than a year, making profits that year.Not coincidentally, The richest man in Asia is from India, and the second richest man in Asia is also from India.Adani’s name was found on Asia’s rich list in the index, choosing 498.4 billion yuan in drinking price from Zhong.After years of industry volatility, the richest man came and went.The big Asian countries are China and India. China’s population is 1.4 billion, while India’s is only much larger.Since China’s GDP growth has risen to the second in the world, it is undoubtedly the largest economy in Asia.Japan, also one of the Asian tigers, is the second largest economy in Asia.Japan’s richest man is either Masayoshi Son or Tadashi Yanai, founder of Uniqlo, but the combined wealth of the two is not as high as that of China alone, so Japan is not on the top of Asia’s richest list.Japan’s corporate culture is timeless, and while Uniqlo has a global reach, its audience is young and comfortable and more casual.Yanai looks rich, but he is nowhere near as powerful as his Chinese counterparts.As for South Korea’s Samsung chief, Lee Jae-yong, whose net worth is more than $60 billion, would not even make the top 10 in China’s rich list, let alone Asia’s.China’s rich have so much money thanks to China’s overall environment, China is the easiest place to create current events and heroes.Based on the large consumer groups, pigs can fly as long as they are above the wind.As a result, there are so many rich people in China that not only the rich, but also the owners and producers of short videos can make a lot of money.You can make a difference in China if you work hard and follow the trend, especially with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years.There is an old Chinese saying, “Those who gain the right way get more help, while those who lose the right way get less help,” which is on display among Asia’s rich.The reason why the rich can become rich is because of the accumulation in the early stage, to a certain time, then produce qualitative change.There are rich people in China, Japan and Korea, but Japan and Korea are dwarfised by Ambani.Ambani became Asia’s richest man by virtue of his own favorable conditions, not only because of his family’s cultivation, but also because of his own hard work.As ordinary people, we look at the assets of the rich are naturally particularly jealous.The fact that this is in front of us can hopefully be an incentive, since no family can enjoy success without suffering.Maybe we are not rich second generation, but we can’t give up efforts, maybe one day we can become rich generation.