The name of ice and snow 6: Yan Zhenhua group training blocked

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Out of the hospital, Liao Xian accused Yan Zhenhua selfish strong left glacier flower slip, ruined her good future, Qu Jie sarcastically, Liao Xian laughed at her mind in Yan Zhenhua, but now the glacier does not go without her, Qu Jie left angrily.In the ward, Yan Zhenhua thanks to the glacier gave up her parents to study abroad future, glacier said willing to stay with Dahua to realize their dream, Yan Zhenhua moved to tears.He learned that ice last night deliberately wearing pajamas standing in front of the window by the cold wind got pneumonia, distressed unceasingly.He stressed that just to the ice age father’s promise never renege, they from the professional sports school into the sports team will work hard to train, for a lot of MEDALS to ice age home filled.Glacier want to eat when I was a child in zhenhua home pickled cabbage dumplings, Yan Zhenhua promised.Back home, glacier mother looked at the passport and luggage in the room, angry to cry to the glacier father, in order to vent their emotions.Li Glacier to be discharged, Qu Jie help Yan Zhenhua aunt at home pickled cabbage dumplings, Yan Zhenhua to the ward back glacier downstairs to sit on the tricycle, just want to start, glacier mother came to her daughter forced to pull on the car.Tell QuJie aunt, and her mother is a village of glaciers, thought that she would go abroad, can’t say QuJie obtainment, she didn’t go right now to find time to mention again, although only two just across the road, human is thin, QuJie do not let the aunt difficult, she felt factory was restructured, the positive also may not be able to keep your job, and such a short time into the factory,Two people were talking, glacier mother reluctantly sent her daughter, said she was crazy, don’t eat Russian barbecue to eat their home sauerkraut dumplings, Qu Jie anger, but against her two words, glacier mother bitterly left, aunt afraid of Qu Jie speak too straight, offended the factory director lady rice bowl.On the dinner table, aunt thanks glacier to give up studying abroad to accompany Zhenhua on the sports school, Lao Yan home remembers her in this life this friendship, believe they can realize the dream.At the gate of the sports school, Tang Jian took photos of Yan Zhenhua and Li Glacier, looking at her sweet smile, for a moment he was somewhat trance.During the test, Tang jian kept thinking of yan Yiguo saving their amputations in the snow cave. As a result, he played poorly and was two seconds slower than usual.Yan Zhenhua a group of tests, he was afraid of ice fall, did not throw her, but ice still fell, Coach Lu called the two people to the office, let them see the entrance results, reprimanded Yan Zhenhua can enter the sports school is completely luck, so on the field not far.Out of the office, glacier know Yan Zhenhua’s good intentions, told him not to do this again.They and Tang Jian to tune coach home for advice, tune coach encouraged them to run in good will be successful, don’t be stumbled by the small difficulties, as long as the heart to learn seriously practice, will be able to become Rodinina and Zaitsev.Qu Jie told Tang Jian in the kitchen, Rodnina and Zaitsev won six world championships double skating champion, is his father’s idol, the two later married, after listening to this, Tang Jian suddenly some sad.Send the glacier to the door, Yan Zhenhua encouraged her to jump as long as good practice will succeed, he reluctantly help glacier scarf, took her hand to say goodbye, then suddenly appeared, Yan Zhenhua immediately leave.Back to the room, Liao Xian looked down on Yan Zhenhua is a russet, the glacier was left for him, she saw the glacier chest belt, surprised her to spend slippery not only quarrel with their parents, but also with this kind of thing, sooner or later one day will regret.The test results were listed, and Yan Zhenhua ranked the last. Coach Lu informed us that the ice training ground could not be opened due to the intensive training, so we could only arrange the training sessions according to the test results.As a result, Lin Feng qin Yao group ranked first and could train for three hours a day, while Yan Zhenhua’s group could only train for an hour from 7 to 8 PM.After the meeting two people find coach lu intercede also to no avail.Physical training rest, see Yan Zhenhua frown, glacier let him listen to “my future is not a dream”, comfort him everything will be better.