The difference between PDF and PPT

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The differences between PDF and PPT lie in the file name, file type, file name extension, and how to open the file.1.PDF is a Portable Document Format Document, is a highly versatile Document file, generally used for the electronic version of official documents and photocopied files, the full name of “Portable Document Format”, file type for PDF file, suffix name.PDF, at the same time, PDF files can only be opened with PDF reader.And PPT is a presentation software launched by Microsoft, is a component of Microsoft Office system, the full name of “Microsoft Office PowerPoint”.2.PDF is a portable document format, which can be made into electronic books, product descriptions, company announcements, network materials, emails, etc.PPT is mainly used to make a variety of illustrated presentations, color slide tools.3. Develop information Adobe is an American multinational computer software company, by John warnock and Charles Gershwin founded in December 1982, headquartered in SAN jose, California, its official within greater China department also often in Chinese “Adobe” claims to Adobe is one of the world’s leading supplier of digital media and online marketing solutions,Mainly engaged in the development of multimedia production software, in recent years has also been involved in rich Internet applications, marketing applications, financial analysis applications and other software development.