Sun Yue, Sun Zhuo’s sister, said that his father, Sun Haiyang, had a feeling of showing off when he returned home for the Spring Festival

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Sun Zhuo’s sister Sun Yue said: Dad Sun Haiyang shows off the feeling.My sister Sun Yue said: I know my father Sun Haiyang is not willing to go back to his hometown these years, because Zhuo Zhuo has not been found.This year Zhuo Zhuo found, must come back for the New Year.Beaming, even feeling a little showy.”Show off” is a good word, the expression on Sun’s face when he took Zhuo Zhuo back to Hubei for the first time.After 14 years of searching for a son, one can imagine the hardships.Papa Sun, he’s worth showing off to the world!I want to show off my feelings that I’ve been feeling for more than a decade. I just want the world to know.Very worth showing off, live their own life do not care about what others say, only their own heart the most clear!Hope your family is getting better and better!Must show off!All those years of trying to find kids, depression, breakdown, pain who can understand?It has to be released.Lost, tears of joy, no matter how dazzle are special support.Show off. Those 14 years of hardship are over, and we’re all together now.The comments of the netizens are bright, everyone understands and supports Lao Sun tou, so many years of emotional backlog.14 years of holding on to your baby boy and never giving up.Very understandable, showing off is human nature…Looking back on the 14 years of searching for a son, the emotional, mental, external and psychological capacity of ordinary people are difficult to understand.This family has not been easy for many years, my sister is actually quite poor, so many years watching the collapse of parents, a dignified family, the young sister is not easy.Looking for so many years of day and night, worth showing off.Sun Haiyang said that sun Zhuo returned and his wife’s illness recovered.I will try my best to develop my family in the big city.Sun Haiyang’s three children are all excellent, her sister is thoughtful and sensible, Zhuo Zhuo is smart and lovely, and Little Hui Hui is smart and lovely.Best wishes to the family who went through the vicissitudes of life, full of happiness, a happy heart.