Gentle Li Nan why hair tiger?See Li Nan mood out of control of the most intense fire!

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As a Chinese saying goes, “When a tiger jumps, it must fall.”We are about to welcome the Year of Yin tiger in the Lunar calendar.In the eyes of the Chinese people, the tiger is a “safe animal” and “patron saint”. It has the magnanimity and mind to look up to the world, and has the courage and strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.After the start of the CBA in the year of the Ox, the competition has gone through difficulties and difficulties to overcome the epidemic.In the past year, Chinese basketball courts have shown the Chinese “cows” of athletes, coaches and referees working hard and steadily, cultivating the CBA court and reaping fruitful results.Today, xiaobian on the gentle Li Nan why the year of the tiger in a game, suddenly show tiger power, presenting li Nan CBA games since the most intense one angry!Why did he lose his temper?To say that the seemingly gentle Li Nan will be out of control, angry spray Gordon dive and anger against the referee Yan Jun, really some strange and puzzling.Fans think, Li Nan’s tiger power is wrong, Li Nan tiger over the head.At present, the second stage of the CBA competition has ended on January 28, and all the high-flying teams have returned home to prepare for a jubilant Year of the Tiger.However, the CBA arena smoke filled the flames of war is still the focus of hot discussion among fans.People have been discussing why Li Nan, the coach of Jiangsu Tongxi team, would burst into a rage at sichuan.We know that Li Nan was the head coach of the national team, and it was he who coached the game against Poland that knocked China out of the Olympics for the first time in recent years.It can be said that Li Nan when the ball when the ball members of the accurate projection of the ball, known as xiao Li flying knife.But as a head coach, Li Nan is not a good coach.Because last season Led by Li Nan with the Xi team is the whole league fubang last, this year with the Xi team record is still not optimistic.The advantage is that because ningbo fubang joined, Li Nan did not have the last one in this season.On January 26, tongxi team versus Fu Jian in the game, has always been elegant Li Nan was unexpectedly aggressive, causing fans hot discussion.Tongxi team ranks the third in the bottom because of the absence of Xitherijiang and the lack of foreign aid. They are playing in the fourth in the bottom fujian.Although neither team will make the playoffs, Li Nan still wants to win this game.Li Nan wants to win the mood is understandable, but because the strength is limited but failed.Jiangsu Tongxi trailed 46-59 in the first half, and Fujian’s Kevin Gordon desperately scored 50 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists in a 109-101 win over Jiangsu.But in the game has seen dramatic scene: when 5 minutes and 55 seconds into the second quarter, the fujian foreign aid Gordon is dribbling with the sunrise the team defense when hong-fei shi on, Gordon fall on the ground, but the referee just called a penalty is hong-fei shi pushing foul, stood on the sidelines misia began with the referee, that Gordon is diving, disturbance and misia, from going up into the sky.But on duty chief judge Yan Jun and Wang Mei and other three people after a discussion but maintain the original judgment, the penalty was not disturbed by Li Nan.And Li Nan is still stubborn, chattering, interested readers can see this video playback.From the video replay can be seen, this should be shi Hongfei put the other side into the field, Li Nan think this is a dive is completely with their own take for granted, the referee’s penalty no big problem, but Li Nan’s own mentality some out of control.Jiangsu and Fujian are brothers and sisters, Li Nan wants to win Fujian’s Zhu Shilong very much, this idea is right and reasonable.Besides, The strength of Fujian is not as good as jiangsu, this is a game that Li Nan’s Jiangsu should and must find a way to win.Gentle Li Nan the most intense angry!Why did he lose his temper?However, Li Nan shi Hongfei foul say Gordon is a dive, it seems that some say not past, even say some too much.At that time, Fujian team made mistakes in passing and receiving, which led to Gordon getting the ball back to the center line. Li Nan’s position was not as good as the referee’s. Shi Hongfei’s movement of throwing hips and pushing seemed not obvious, but it occupied the space for the other team to dribble.Ultimately lead to Gordon fell, so say, known as the black sentry yan Jun do or very right, should also give Yan Jun a point of praise.Of course, the ball can not completely say that Li Nan is wrong, his starting point is certain to consider some of their own interests, which is also Li Nan on Gordon’s so-called diving attitude root.After all, as a manager, you should strive for the interests of your team and players.As always not distemper not fire Li Nan, angry is a good thing, angry than indifferent strong.What’s the point of CBA basketball if all the coaches are like Shandong men’s basketball coach Xu Changsuo, who doesn’t dare to give a shit while being rubbed and butchered?Wish the CBA the New Year, let the Chinese tigers in the vast basketball world of the rainbow, brave and resolute, show the magic of China’s basketball development and prosperity!Fan friend, do you think Li Nan’s anger is right?Do you think Gordon dived?You are welcome to join the discussion in the comments section.Thank you for your attention, discussion and forwarding. 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