From the sea of flowers to the summer night star river, from the red leaves to the silver wrapped, nine huangshan four seasons are here

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It’s cold and hot,The autumn harvest winterizing gone is a four seasons samsara ✦ ✦ stood in the entrance of the New Year back nine huang mountain in the past year from lily magnolia flowers to the summer Milky Way from overflow hill red leaves to turn white seasons all romantic 2021, maybe you don’t have the chance to nine huang mountain feel seasons may only have seen one time scenery let us together in 2022 to unlock nine huang mountain every happy moment ❀ spring viewStrange flowers ❀ nine huang mountain one year at the beginning of the story was covered in pale green and pink rustled in the spring breeze, warming Yang pledge even sending out the flowers of sweet spring, the air is in huaxi scene met lily magnolia flowers when the slopes of hills of wen wan and moving has let a person see admire the magic of the mist diffuse flowers, like a fairyland general spring to see the cloud around the mountain,Mountains away and to feel surrounded by white flowers of dream roaming in the forest of fresh air to blow the warm spring breeze of spring dating ☁ malachite green in the summer of Diane ☁ hot summer don’t like spring tender moments covered too lily magnolia flowers but can is a lot of thick thick green tree when full mountain green when nine huang mountain also opened the green of summer there is always a kind of magical powers that healing powerLike entered the hayao miyazaki cartoon world full of pure and fresh and natural color and mysterious atmosphere always makes heart harvest in a flash heal and quiet at this time whether in lush mar road planing in the loose pasture or challenge a glass bridge, walk in the cloud, cliff, super swing, swing qiang home I felt such as high altitude challenge project is a good choice also,21 ℃ weather also makes nine huang mountain city summer back garden of C in the hot summer heat of tedium and friends and family farm in the cloud photo clock to catch fish with your bare hands, and feed the familiar experience of high altitude rafting, camping together touch sky, experience, chasing the poetry and the distance between the wild nature ღ autumn reward maple leaves ღ “yun summer color, konoha autumn sound” red color,Is nine huang mountain autumn standard on qiang residential towers overlook A sea of clouds in the distance surge up, there are color forest stretches like a unsurpassed scenery picture scroll at this time in the garden for an ancient qiang qiang affection grand wedding experience of traditional wedding customs and the romantic and agreed a loved one “hand, and son xielao” pledge “to prepare the autumn harvest, endless” in the same way,Autumn is also the harvest season in the cloud farm all immersed in the harvest of joy in the atmosphere of corn frame, windmill, baskets and other agricultural common appliances in qiang people’s creative shake body into rural fun punchback point a step into the farm, met the fruitful autumn ❈ winter love snow ❈ autumn went to winter, withered leaves fall,Nine huang mountain in grace with snow blowing everything changed the XinZhuang with white the snow is not like the snow in the north to warm but it as ink painting scroll in jiangnan woman wen wan and moving ski field can see everyone happy like a child and in the loose snow muscle wearing cool ski equipment run snow ski resorts in the play area experience snow around, snowmobiling, snow flying saucer, mini driversPlaying snow appliances in winter in the snow basking in the sun eating hot pot is a serious matter around the snow wrapped in silver, snowflakes flying in front of the small copper pot “Grunting” boiling hot aroma in the nose lingering hemp hot fried taste buds hi incisively and vividly at the moment the New Year will come,Qiang family also began to prepare preserved pork jiuhuang Mountain cured pork selection of free-range running mountain pigs smoked in the traditional way of Qiang family incense full of taste, smell fat but not greasy, thin and not blocked teeth in the snow and family friends together in the warm hot spring chat is not beautiful mountain hot spring, “oxygen” body,”Oxygen” god “oxygen” heart warm this winter let nine emperor belts to you Sunset spring has given way to summer, autumn winter seasons replace rotation nine huang mountain landscape has changed in the rounds of 2022 for you to feel the spring, summer, autumn and winter (source: nine huang mountain) refused to temptation usury, stay away from illegal fund-raising – perhaps you also like to watch – mianyang tourism contributes This is Mianyang!Restart inter-provincial travel!The scenery is waiting for the edge of the guests, mianyang is beginning to open for you.Midsummer day long, open xuan na slightly cool ~ Mianyang summer vacation travel tips out, come here to put your “bear children”!