Forget it, the iPhone SE3 probably doesn’t exist

2022-04-26 0 By

Currently, there are a lot of Revelations about iPhone SE3 in the market. Some say that iPhone SE3 will continue the iPhone SE2 design (also known as the iPhone 8 set), and some say that iPhone SE3 will be a full-screen version of iPhone SE2.From the current sales of iPhone SE2 on various e-commerce platforms, there is no stock in the current situation. If there is any stock, it is on third-party stores.Although the iPhone SE2 is still available on Apple’s official website, the top 256GB version has been removed from the shelves, which also shows that the iPhone 8 set of old abrasive should be used up, naturally iPhone SE3 will not adopt the same appearance design as iPhone SE2.Most likely, the iPhone SE3 will look like the iPhone XR.After all, the LCD screen on the iPhone 11 isn’t a few generations old, and the iPhone SE3 will also have a new A15 processor, as has been the case with the iPhone SE series.Of course, the iPhone SE3 is unlikely to be the same A15 as the iPhone 13 Pro, but it’s likely to be the A15 that Has been hacked several times by Cook.After all, the A15 took a hit on the iPhone 13, and the cheaper iPhone SE3 is likely to take another hit.But from the battery life of iPhone 13 series, if iPhone SE3 uses a more ruthless A15 than iPhone 13, then it will have a good performance in battery life.But there is a downside to using the A14 on the iPhone 12…If it’s true that the iPhone SE3 has bangs, it’s a sign that the iPhone 14 will no longer have bangs, and the rumors circulating online about the middle capsule may be true.But the worst that could happen to anyone waiting for the iPhone SE3 is that there will be no iPhone SE3 this year.The first iPhone SE came out in 2016 and the second in 2020, a gap of four years, and it’s only been two years since the iPhone SE2 was released.What’s more, the lowest price of iPhone 13mini and iPhone 12mini has been able to touch 3000 yuan, iPhone 3 May not exist.Of course, if iPhone SE3 really exists, and it still has the same design as iPhone XR, or LCD screen, and is equipped with A15 processor, priced from 3699 yuan, it may be for some domestic high-end machines, will be a huge challenge.