Domestic quinoa industry status quo

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At the end of 1980s, quinoa was introduced into China by Xizang Agricultural and Animal Husbandry College and Xizang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and adaptive planting began. After success, small area planting was carried out.As the international market prices continue to rise, effectively stimulate the vast number of farmers planting enthusiasm.Is much needed in and continuously expand the planting area, has radiation to shanxi, hebei, heilongjiang, jilin, gansu, qinghai, Inner Mongolia, sichuan, shandong, jiangsu, anhui, guizhou and other provinces (autonomous regions), according to incomplete statistics, in 2015, hebei, qinghai, shanxi, gansu only four provinces planting area of nearly 40000 acres.In 2017, the planting area of quinoa in China was about 2 854 hectares, with a yield of about 9 820 tons, among which Shanxi is the largest province in China with a planting area of 1 500 hectares.With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more attention will be paid to the quality of life, health care, the pursuit of green, pure natural products has become a trend.Based on the comprehensive nutritional value and important health function of quinoa, the planting area and yield of quinoa will be steadily increased, and the quinoa industry will continue to usher in a good opportunity for vigorous development.China’s quinoa production will reach 23,600 tons in 2022, according to the 2016-2022 In-depth Research and Consulting report on The Competitive landscape and Investment risks of China’s Quinoa market.(2) Quinoa industry In Recent years, the number of quinoa production and processing enterprises in China shows a rapid growth.National organization organization information check system data shows, our country registers quinoa production and processing enterprises for 40, among them, Shanxi 29, Qinghai 3, Beijing 3, Gansu 2, Jilin 2, Hebei 1.At present the quinoa product on the market basically cent is 3 big: one kind is primary quinoa product, basically have the product such as noodles of flour of quinoa rice, quinoa, quinoa, quinoa;The second category is the intensive and deep processing of quinoa products, mainly including quinoa small molecule chaperone, compound peptide quinoa powder, quinoa liquor and other products;The third category is exclusive food category, including quinoa nutrition noodles, quinoa children’s noodles and other products.Xiaobian suitable for planting quinoa seeds in the south contact information wechat;Fund project: Introduction and cultivation technology of Taiwan red chenopodium in Mentougou District, Beijing