Chinese Embassy in Ukraine: Compatriots in Ukraine should not identify themselves at will

2022-04-26 0 By

On February 26, the Official wechat account of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine issued a notice reminding Chinese Citizens of social security risks.The content is as follows: Recently, with the escalation of the war between Ukraine and Russia, there has been an increase in extremist behaviors in Ukrainian society, such as speaking out of turn and even shooting with guns, posing security risks to Chinese citizens in Ukraine.The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine would like to remind our compatriots that in the current special security situation in Ukraine, we should attach great importance to friendly relations with the Ukrainian people, avoid disputes over specific issues and strive to solve problems through friendly means.Try not to go out and stay away from military installations, military personnel and firearms to reduce security risks.Do not photograph an ongoing firefight or personnel, and do not take pictures without the other party’s consent.Do not identify yourself or display identifying signs.In addition, beware of all kinds of fraudulent propaganda about taking chartered flights and joining mercenary forces with high salaries. All matters concerning the evacuation of Chinese citizens back to China shall be subject to the notice issued by the Embassy.Source dorris Guo, editor of Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, Tian Minjia, Shi Yuling