Yan Wengang pick copper!Steel bobsled is going for the first women’s medal

2022-04-25 0 By

Yan Wengang of China won the bronze medal in men’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 11, clocking 4:1.77, the first Time a Chinese athlete has made the podium in this event.Yin Zheng, another Chinese, finished fifth.Christoph Grotcher and Axel Junker of Germany won the gold and silver MEDALS respectively.China Skeleton Bobsled National Team was established in 2015, and there was a significant gap between it and the international top level at the beginning.Just seven years later, Chinese athletes made a historic leap to the podium at the Olympics.Congratulations to Yan Wengang and the Chinese steel frame snow team for filling another blank in China’s ice and snow sports!Gao Tingyu, one of China’s flag bearers at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, will compete in the men’s 500m speed skating event on Wednesday, making history in women’s skeleton bobsled.Yan Wengang wins bronze! Steel-frame snowmobile will win first women’s medal