The post-90s man uses medlar soaked water to drink every day, what changes does his body have after one year?The doctor will tell you

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Some people obviously not old, but every day to health hanging in the mouth, thermos cup does not leave the hand, inside the bubble wolfberry.Mr. Zhang is such a “health pie”, in the words of his brother is “to eat medlar as raisins”, he is a little worried about his brother’s health, so drink medlar water really no problem?Mr. Zhang is in good physical condition, is usually to the computer office, always feel some fatigue, he said he drank wolfberry water is mainly to fight fatigue, water supplement, insist on drinking a year he found his spirit a lot better, the body is not where uncomfortable.He believes that keeping healthy is to do it early. Although he is born in the 1990s, he is no longer young. Only by taking good care of his body early can he avoid getting sick easily when he reaches middle age.Insist to drink wolfberry water, what profit is there to the body?Wolfberry water has the effect of nourishing the liver, adhere to drinking can improve the liver and kidney Yin deficiency caused by dizziness, fatigue, dizziness, there is a certain liver blood, kidney qi.People who find it inconvenient to soak in water can also chew it dry, just a handful per day.However, if the deficiency of liver and kidney Yin is very serious, the effect of drinking wolfberry water is not ideal, may not be able to pick up the beam, but also need to be compatible with other Traditional Chinese medicine, in order to achieve the role of disease conditioning.Now is winter, very suitable for drinking wolfberry water, not easy to wet, fire, if long-term drinking in summer, may increase humidity, lead to strong heart fire.As the saying goes, winter tonic tiger next year, with medlar water medicinal porridge or soup to drink, there is a certain role of liver and kidney conditioning, good for sleep and eyes.However, wolfberry also has taboo crowd, before eating need to understand which people are suitable for eating, which is not suitable for eating?Liver and kidney Yin deficiency constitution for the crowd, their symptoms are vertigo, tinnitus, waist acid weakness, easy dry mouth, dry eyes, medlar water has a relieving effect.The weak and often sick people are also suitable for drinking, nourishing and toning effect, promote physical fitness, reduce the probability of illness.In addition, people who often sleep at night and are easily tired can also drink it to help relieve visual fatigue and physical fatigue.But the spleen and stomach is not good, people who often have diarrhea will not be able to enjoy the wolfberry water, long-term drinking may aggravate diarrhea, resulting in increased moisture in the body.Although it is both medicine and food, but there is a drug in it, so it is best to avoid drinking when you are sick, and then take it when you are well.In addition, if the hands and feet are afraid of cold in winter, the waist and abdomen are cold, just drinking medlar is not good, but also with other Chinese herbal medicine, in order to solve the problem of Yang deficiency.Again turn head to see Mr Zhang, his body is healthy, Yang deficiency, or taste not bad, no bad reaction after drinking Chinese wolfberry, that his body is more suitable for Chinese wolfberry drink water, but still want to remind, body fatigue should rest more, change life work and rest is the key, do not rely too much on Chinese wolfberry drink water fatigue resistance, in addition, also not excessive edible Chinese wolfberry.Are pricey black goji berries really better than regular goji berries?In fact, the basic efficacy of the two is almost the same, mainly in the black wolfberry anthocyanin more, but only by this point is sold so expensive, cost-effective is really too low, the efficacy of those propaganda also need to be studied.If you really want to supplement anthocyanins, you can get them from cheap food such as mulberries, eggplant and kale. There is no need to buy expensive black goji berries.How should wolfberry water bubble?First of all, don’t use boiling water.I believe many people have done so, think the boiling water bubble more thoroughly, more nutrition, in fact, high temperature will destroy part of the nutrients, generally with 50 or 60 degrees of water brewing, cover the cover and wait for a few minutes, the temperature is just right, also do not worry about scalding the esophagus, drink the temperature is just right.Secondly, too high water temperature may soak wolfberry, affect the taste, but also generate a lot of flocculent residue, affect the permeability of water, so the water temperature must be controlled well.If you don’t like the remnants of goji berries, choose a thermos with a strainer and strain it as you drink.Finally, don’t pour the water in the thermos cup finished wolfberry, can be directly poured into the mouth chewing, there are a lot of nutrients, better than dry wolfberry taste, mouth bad old people can also eat.Every time to brew medlar can take 10 or so, not the more the better, especially high blood sugar people, not only to reduce the number of immersion, but also reduce the frequency of drinking, not every day to drink, may affect blood sugar.In addition, if pregnant women want to drink medlar water must first consult a doctor, to prevent excessive tonic.In addition, wolfberry and astragalus membranaceus, longan, Notoginseng, chrysanthemum and other medicinal materials are good partners, can be based on their body specific collocation, if you do not know their pharmacological effects, it is best to consult a doctor first, so as not to damage the stomach.In short, medlar water is indeed good health, eyesight, relieve fatigue, liver and blood effect is better, but it also has taboos, learn to correct health methods, in order to really recuperate physique.[1] Used to “soaking goji berries in thermos”?How much do you know about the edible contraindications of medlar?People’s Daily Online.2018-12-10[2] The medlar after soaking in water is treated in this way to maximize the health preservation effect.[3] After 90 every day soak medlar tea health, experts: if the constitution is suitable, as long as it is not excessive.Wuhan Evening News.2019-03-24[4] What is the use of black Wolfberry?Can it lower blood sugar?Journal of Family Physicians.2021-05-09