Ren Ziwei: The competition of short track speed skating is getting fiercer and fiercer. Thanks for the persistence of the whole team for four years

2022-04-25 0 By

Despite missing out on a medal in the men’s 5,000m relay final, Ren ziwei had a rich Olympics: he won the men’s 1,000m title and two gold MEDALS as part of the mixed team relay team.However, Ren Ziwei said after the men’s 5,000m relay that the competition of short track speed skating is becoming more and more fierce, and it is not easy for him and his teammates to keep up in the past four years.After winning two gold MEDALS, Ren ziwei failed to qualify for the men’s 1,500m final due to foul play, failed to finish in the quarter-finals of the 500m and failed to win the podium in the 5,000m relay.Ren ziwei, 25, admitted that he was disappointed with the result. “I was in good shape in the first two events, and I didn’t have that much burden on my body and mind. Later, I had more ideas and my body was tired, so I made some mistakes and failed to meet everyone’s expectations.For all that the Beijing Olympics and short track speed skating World Cup this season’s performance proved that the level of the Chinese men in the world is belong to “the first tier,” everyone is very powerful, a lot of projects have breakthrough, really hard over the past four years, we are together hold, the team is not easy, I am proud for the team!I also appreciate the support of my family and friends.”Ren ziwei also analyzed that the competition in short track speed skating has become increasingly fierce in the past two years, and more efforts are needed to achieve good results.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li li, Xiao-song zhao LiuShuang Deng Wei Liu ping process editor: U022