As school nears its start, parents go broke?A list of 420,000 yuan for a new semester has sparked heated debate

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Education We firmly believe that education is a fundamental project for a nation.– Tao Xingzhi Education in the end how important believe different say more, we can understand it?Education can not only help students improve themselves, but also carry the hope of a family and the future pillar of our country.With the increasingly fierce competition in the society, the education of children has become a social focus, parents in order to help their children improve their grades are also trying to do everything possible, at the same time, a lot of economic pressure is coming.As school nears its start, parents go broke?Time is really fast, as if a few days ago the students were still immersed in the joy of winter vacation, now the start of the school date is close at hand.I have not enjoyed the happiness of the holiday, and now school is about to start.Many parents in the children near the beginning of the new term, also began to prepare for the new term of children’s new equipment.After all, the new semester new atmosphere, with a new look into the campus, can also change the mood to better study.There are also some parents who are wondering how much money their kids are going to spend this semester.How to prepare yourself.At a time when many people think nine-year compulsory education is cheap for children, a list of 420,000 yuan has become popular.This is a list of Beijing’s most expensive school expenses, and it clearly lists all of your children’s expenses after the new school year. It’s just a plan, and it could be much more.The parent also said that this is already according to the minimum standard, if we want to make the child’s life better, then the 420,000 yuan may not be enough.Education expenditure has always been an important part of family expenditure. After reading these education expenditure items, I believe you can understand why many young people do not want to have children nowadays. The main reason is that the cost of education is too high.But when the list went viral, many parents echoed the sentiment, saying that even if their children’s education costs are not as high, education is already the biggest expense.When there is no student at home, the quality of life is relatively high, but when the child goes to school, for the sake of the child’s educational development, all kinds of supplementary classes, interest classes are also reported a lot of, I worry that the child lost in the starting line.Sharp-eyed netizens can also see that students in the list spend very little on life and basic education, with one-on-one teaching costing 300,000 yuan alone, the most expensive item.This has sparked a heated debate among netizens about whether remedial classes are really so expensive.Make up a lesson charge accounted for 3/4 directly, does such accord with present educational situation really?In order to relieve the learning pressure of primary and middle school students, the Ministry of Education issued a double reduction policy to relieve the pressure of after-school homework and after-school tutoring.Among the requirements: remedial institutions are prohibited from providing disciplinary training services for students in the nine-year compulsory education stage.This also leads to many parents want to let their children go to remedial classes are not good, some parents at home will start to hire one-to-one tutor for their children to make up the lessons, although it costs a lot, but can also improve students’ academic performance.But this still leads to some students from ordinary families are not able to make up for the classes, and there is still a big gap between education.This is why many parents are calling for proper permission to make up for extra lessons. Ordinary families really cannot afford the high tuition fees.Analysis: After the parents released the list, many other netizens have shared their children’s spending list, all of which are not high in living expenses, but only in education.After all, education is a family’s number one priority, but it is worth reminding parents that they should have a plan and decide what kind of educational environment to provide their children according to the actual situation of the family as well as the allocation of family expenses.It is not good for families to overspend or even go into debt for their children’s education.Parents should also consume rationally and do not always worry that their children will lose at the starting line.With the new school year just around the corner, where can I spend my money?With the new school year just around the corner, many parents are buying clothes for their children, so what do they need to spend on ahead of it?Let’s discuss it together.First of all, for many students, new clothes and shoes must be worn in the new semester, which is also a sense of ritual. Basically, this expense is necessary.Next, want to hand in the charge of the school namely, although 9 years compulsory education does not need pay tuition, incidental expenses, but some schools still can have other collect fees project, basically be near before opening term can have notice.If the child is living in a boarding school, there will be accommodation fees, living expenses and other expenses, which are required by the school, parents must be prepared in advance.If you have conditions, you can also buy some exercise books and extracurricular books for your children.Finally, there is the cost of extra lessons. Although the Ministry of Education requires a limit on extra classes, it is allowed to attend extra classes after school during the school year, so parents should plan ahead.Today’s topic: How much do you think a junior high school student can spend for a semester these days?Welcome to comment and share.