A person’s greatest wisdom: value the opportunity to “be alone”

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He Suohuan, a writer of sexual psychology, writes stories of love, interesting strangers, and informative knowledge.In The Book Far Messiah, there is a sentence: “The higher philosopher is alone, not because he wants to be alone, but because he cannot find his kind around him.”In a sense, the higher a person’s IQ, the more likely he is to feel lonely.Just like Jin Yong’s poem “Seeking defeat alone”, why is he still depressed and lonely despite his excellent martial arts skills?Because the wu Yi river’s lake of dugu beg defeat can’t find opponent again, a river’s lake master can’t find good opponent, this is how lonely a thing?There are two states of solitude: active pursuit and passive choice.Those who actively choose to be alone, are not simple, because they learn to cherish the time alone.Those who make a passive choice to be alone, on the other hand, often make a passive decision “when they can’t find their peers.”-01 Why do some people like to be alone?First: “see the mountains small” lonely this kind of solitude, belongs to “passive solitude”.It’s not that they don’t want to fit in or find like-minded people, but there’s no one in the circle around them who can read them and have a normal conversation with them.A philosopher, they think about philosophy every day, is the relationship between the world and the world, is life, is the meaning of life.He wanted to pursue the truth, but he was always trapped by it.His way of looking at things and thinking is so transparent that he does not feel the joy in other people’s eyes.The sadness in his eyes, others do not understand;There was no joy in his eyes, so he couldn’t blend in with the noise around him.It is like a person climbing high and looking far, climbing one mountain after another, but there is no one around.This loneliness, so they can only choose to be alone.In solitude, find a deeper meaning of life;And on the road to self-discovery, more and more lonely.Second: character “withdrawn” and “introverted” another kind of solitude, is a person’s character.For example, those with “social phobia” will make them feel at a loss in the face of social interaction, and the whole body and mind are in a state of tension.Pushing yourself to fit in makes you feel uncomfortable and drains you of energy.After repeated unsuccessful attempts to fit in, they prefer to be alone.Only when they are alone can they relax completely.You don’t have to be anxious about social relationships, you don’t have to be timid about dealing with people.Only when he’s alone can he relax and be himself.Treasure Moments to Be Alone and Find Yourself People spend their whole lives searching for themselves.Learning is to let us have a deeper cognition, reading is to enrich our vision, knowledge, let us have our own point of view on one thing, to establish their own three views.And love and marriage, is also a way to verify the meaning of our life.In the final analysis, people are looking for their own value and the meaning of life on different roads.Some people live to get higher grades;Some do it to bring pleasure and help to the other;Others travel thousands of miles and read thousands of books in order to see the wider world outside.Just because they have a higher pursuit of life, they want to know themselves more urgently, so they prefer to be alone.When you’re single, treasure your time alone.In a person’s life, cherish this time, strive to improve their ability.Those who can “endure patience” are not simple.In this life, there are few opportunities to be alone.While reading, be alone;After graduation, I can go to work and live alone.If you count the amount of time you spend alone, it’s a few years.For example: after falling in love and getting married, you want to be alone, a person in a daze, reading, enjoy the weekend rest time, are a luxury.Especially when you’re married and have kids, you have so many responsibilities and responsibilities that you don’t have much time to stop and think and rest.So make the most of the time you do have when you can be alone.Read more books, go out more, experience life every time, enjoy life, try to be the best version of yourself.What are the benefits of being alone?First of all, being alone can make a person know himself better.Have you ever been in a “meditative” state?By clearing your mind and not thinking about anything, you can gain more peace and inner peace during meditation.Spend more time alone with yourself to discover yourself, to know yourself, to know your strengths and weaknesses.Second, being alone allows us to build “social margins.”What is the social margin?In essence: the sense of proportion.If you’re not alone, if you dread being alone, then you crave relationships, you crave human contact.Then, you will always have a hard time finding a sense of proportion and will easily influence others’ lives too much.Only by learning to be alone can we find a balance in social life.Finally, being alone can improve our cognition.Only by being alone can we calm down and think about our current work, life and relationships.It can be hard to calm down and think clearly when you’re busy and gregarious.Solitude is the only time to open your mind and give you a more rational and clear mind.Topic of the day: Do you enjoy being alone?If you want to know more about this amazing story, come here and watch what you like