Yili times crown and jun Lebao red banner which good?The whole network exclusive guide for you to analyze

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Beiguan and Red Banner are the milk powder brands of Yili and Junlebao respectively. Yili and Junlebao can be said to be the best in domestic milk powder, and they have formed the three giants of domestic milk powder together with Feihe. They also have a good reputation in the mother circle.Today we have a look at yili times crown and Jun Lebao red flag should be how to choose?Milk source raw material Yili Beiguan milk comes from New Zealand. New Zealand is the only milk source country in the world that has not seen foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease and other infectious diseases. Moreover, more than 90% of the land in New Zealand is covered by green, and the animal husbandry is mainly based on free-range, which is a high-quality milk source zone in the world.Yili’s ingredients include skimmed milk powder, desalted whey powder, lactose and whole milk powder, which is made from reduced milk, which is generally fresh and increases the risk of contamination.The milk source of Junle Baohong banner milk powder is mainly from the pastures of Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Xingtai, Xingtang, Xuzhou and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, China. It is a relatively developed area with heavy industry. Compared with New Zealand and Europe, it is inferior to foreign countries in terms of environmental climate, forage planting and cow raising.Junle Baohong flag raw materials include raw milk, desalted whey powder, lactose, the first raw material is raw milk, milk powder freshness is good, this is better than Yili Times guan.Nutritional formula the basic formula of two milk powder is not much to say, can meet the needs of the normal growth and development of the baby;6 conventional strengthening formula, Junlebao red flag added complete, Yili times the crown of the whole stage of the lack of nucleotide;In terms of DHA addition amount, only 1 section of Junlebao Red Banner reached the market average level, and the addition amount of 2 sections and 3 sections were low;The addition amount of DHA in all stages of Yili Beiguan is good, especially in the second stage, which is much higher than the market average level.In terms of prebiotics content, Yili Beiguan is much higher than Junlebao Red flag. Prebiotics can stimulate the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria and promote intestinal health.In terms of special strengthening formula, Junlebao Red banner added OPO, lactoferrin, prebiotics combination, lutein, yili Beiguan added lactoferrin, probiotics, prebiotics combination, lutein;The difference between the two milk powder is that Junlebao Red Banner added OPO, while Yili Beiguan added double probiotics (lactobifidobacterium HN019 and animal bifidobacterium BB-12).In addition, two milk powder is added lactoferrin, but the content is not high, yili times add quantity of 50 mg / 100 g, jun LeBaoHong flag add quantity of 40 mg / 100 g, lactoferrin is the immune protein in breast milk, is one of the most important immune substances in breast milk, plenty of lactoferrin in preventing infection, immunity, promote active immunization work;In terms of price, we refer to the price of international Mommy APP. The price of Yili Beiguan milk powder at all stages is 228/800g, and the unit price of gram is about 0.285 yuan /g.The price of Junlebao red flag at each stage is about 220-240 /900g, and the unit price of gram is about 0.24-0.26 yuan /g;In general, the two milk powder brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. Yili Beiguan uses high-quality pasture milk from New Zealand, and its banner uses hebei milk source. Yili Beiguan is better than Junlebao Red Banner.But in terms of raw materials, Yili times the crown is not as good as Jun Lebao red flag fresh, 2 sections later mixed with a large package of powder;In terms of nutritional formula, the two milk powder are basically the same, the only difference is that OPO is added in one and double probiotics is added in the other. However, both DHA and prebiotics content of Yili Beiguan are higher than Junlebao Red flag, so mothers can choose according to their own preferences.Choose a platform for comprehensive comparison of milk powder – international mommy APP- Guo Ma Mother and Baby