The women in “Dressed up” teach us that women with “texture” possess three qualities

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I am using the text warm your evening words, click the top blue button to pay attention to me oh.Recently, I was watching the hot TV series “Dressed up” and was attracted by the salty but sweet women in the show.Grace from beginning to end calm Chen Kaiyi, work the Xiao Hongxue of vigorous action, especially cool and especially lovely Mary, wise and honest Qin Min, a little irritating but also very hard Li Na……These women all have different personalities, but each one is so “textured”.By “texture”, I don’t necessarily mean how rich, delicate or beautiful it is, but there is an attractive glow that people will never forget.Li Na, for example, is also a textured woman, because she has her own style.I love these well-rounded characters, who make the show a guide for women growing up in a new era, but also because the experiences of these women make us understand that a woman with “texture” needs to possess these three qualities.Today to talk with you, I hope we can study together, work hard together, together to become a better myself.When it comes to women with texture, who do you think of first?I will think of Dong Qing, Chen Shu, Song Jia……There is a kind of ease and composure in these women’s bones, which can make people feel elegant beauty all the time.And Song Jia in “dress up” as Chen Kaiyi is to show these characteristics incisively and vividly, those hands and feet of grace, those quiet voice in the calm, let us see, after time precipitation of the woman, is how generous decent and noble grace.But ah, in “Dressed up” in addition to Chen Kaiyi, there are some female characters, such as Mary with a bright personality, let a lot of people like, because she dare to love and hate, want to do what is firm and this bright personality, let people feel her strong.And the most non-existent, even stupid to let a person a little anxious Li Na, in fact, is also a very “texture” of the woman, her “texture” is not to give up, is able to move forward toward the goal of their own want, is a little let people laugh at the persistence.So, you must understand that a woman’s “texture” no unified standard, as long as can do oneself, unswervingly will live out their own wonderful, both elegant and pleasant trip, whether it is wise or talent fully, as long as can insist in your own little world, can have their own life.I hope every woman can remember that you are who you are, and you don’t have to compare with others, nor envy others, nor force yourself to be what others think is right.It’s enough to be comfortable with who you are and to be the best version of yourself.Like Chen Kaiyi later, like Li Na later, they have different lives, but they also appreciate each other, I hope you can also find the meaning of life.If you want to have “texture”, then you should love your choice. I like Chen Kaiyi, because she is always firm, loves her love, not afraid of any power and suffering.People need some faith in this life, which is the armor on our way forward, but also the guiding light when we are confused.Chen kaiyi’s love of dressing up is her faith, which makes her incredibly powerful.And Li Na, the girl who could not find the goal of life, also came down to dress up under the guidance of George, saw Chen Kaiyi and all the women around her to dream and live hard, but also found their own faith.I like Chen Kaiyi’s unyielding spirit and Li Na’s courage of not giving up. I think women can love their own choices, which is the most “texture”.Of course, there may be a lot of people will say that love can not be a meal.Well, I want to tell you that there are many people around me who take love to the extreme and get everything they want because of it.For example, the girl who likes dancing, practices dancing hard every day, then opens her own studio, has many fans, makes money, and controls her life happily with many girls who love dancing.For example, the girl who likes baking, from the beginning opened a small studio upstairs in the residents, to later opened a number of chain stores, by staying true to the original aspiration, never give up.For example, the girl who likes writing, insists that she will not give up as long as there is still one person to read her article, and finally publishes her own book and has her own small team.They all supported their lives with love, and they all lived beautifully.I like these girls with “texture”, but I also know that it is not easy to stick to this path.But please believe, as long as you are willing, life will not live up to your pay, grit teeth insist on it, love your choice, live out your wonderful.Want to have “texture”, and finally let yourself professional enough I like to see the workplace type of TV drama, is because of the women like the appearance of career chi surprise wind and cloud.But you know what, to thrive in the workplace, you have to have real skills.The reason why Chen Kaiyi can win everyone’s respect is that she is professional enough to do the magazine to the utmost, which also makes everyone willing to defend her.And Xiao Hongxue is also because of a very high professional quality, can let Chen Kaiyi sit up and take notice of her, also let the people around her have a good impression of her.Of course, these women are not born with their abilities, but through hard study and thinking.Chen Kaiyi, for example, spent most of her time in the work, studying business and improving herself for decades, so she became a pivotal figure in this field.You must understand that to become a professional in the eyes of others, to be able to conquer others with your profession, you have to work hard enough.Don’t feel yourself not good, look at Li Na, this sports background of the girl, also can be in the fashion magazine perfect transformation, because she gave all, no matter what difficulties do not give up.Your attitude determines the height of your profession, and this is the same for any person, any industry.So, to be a strong, textured woman, do it for yourself.When you are able to excel in an area, you will meet the best of yourself and have the best of life.I love the saying that the best way a woman looks is when she’s not defined.There are too many demands on women in this world, and those rules make us afraid to be ourselves and become what most people are.But do you really like who you are?I don’t like it.I hope I can live as Chen Kaiyi, like those women in “Dressed up”, with their own characteristics and style, with their own ability to support their own ambition.So, I study hard, work hard, no matter what others say about me, do not give up to become a better myself.I don’t know what the future holds, but I can feel myself moving towards where I want to be.I hope you can also do such a “texture” of the woman, do not blindly follow, do not compromise, do not give up, do not feel inferior, do not complain.Work well, earn well, learn to love and be loved well, enjoy and cherish every day.Just like the women in “Dressed up”, laugh at difficulties and success, do not regret every contribution and every tomorrow.I am Xi Yan, a columnist, an old girl who likes to write warm words and do emotional programs. 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