The us army in the jungle angered the king of snakes, by the snake group revenge, fully armed company only a dozen people alive

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History is full of mysterious anecdotes, some of which have been confirmed and some of which remain just hearsay.The next anecdote took place in Vietnam in 1970;The story received widespread attention because it was later confirmed by American officials, along with 12 survivors.Here’s a look at the strange story of the deadly battle between man and snake.Let’s turn the clock back more than 50 years to Vietnam.By then, it was the end of the Vietnam War.Tens of thousands of people gathered in the United States every day to march against the war. The government, under the pressure of huge military expenditure and public opinion, had to decide to withdraw troops and admit the defeat of the Vietnam War.But it is well known that America will not go so smoothly;It must be habitually disgusting, which is what Uncle Sam always does.How do you disgust people?The United States would send a small number of senior officers to teach combat skills and train South Vietnamese troops, known as military advisers to keep the peace;They would also keep the American flag on their positions in Vietnam.You know, the Flag of the United States is god, where planted, where the enemy will not dare to attack;America is not vegetarian, after all.Of course, even a tiger can nap, let alone an American soldier.A group of seven American military advisers were captured by elite North Vietnamese troops and held in a prison camp.The U.S. army immediately chose to negotiate with the North Vietnamese, asking for money and land, and just getting the people back.Otherwise, “hometown” will march again, and no one can afford this responsibility.You know, the US army is not afraid of spending money, not afraid of strong enemies, but afraid of the dead.As soon as more soldiers died, the anti-war wave swept through the country, and nothing could be done.But the North Vietnamese did not give the United States any face, after all these years of war, they are eager to cause trouble in the United States.The Americans have no way, but from the United States in the More elite special forces – “flying tiger” more than 130 people, went to the secret rescue friendly forces.The Americans’ plan was as follows: secretly lurk within visual distance of the enemy poW camp, quietly observe the terrain, occupy a vantage point, observe the enemy’s daily routine, and prepare battle plans.Then, at two or three o ‘clock in the morning, when the enemy is exhausted, they will launch a surprise attack and create another diversion.Then small forces harried the northeast corner and attracted the enemy to the past, and the main force quickly attacked the enemy from the southwest corner to encircle and annihilate them.Finally, rescue the friends. call in the chopper for evacuation.Sadly, this seemingly seamless plan has not even completed the first step.The reason is simple. The Americans accidentally angered the King Snake.Disturb “snake king cave”, almost completely annihilated words company commander Martin led a small American army speechless Mimi touch the highland near the poW camp, American commander observation terrain, decided to build a shelter here;And as a final evacuation point.This high terrain is difficult to defend, easy to attack, the field of vision is wide, commanding, can attack, retreat can defend.But this position also had a problem. The ground was open and there was no cover;When the enemy attacks, we are all sitting ducks.Martin opened the military map and found a river valley not far away.As we all know, the valley should be rocky.Martin sent two squads of soldiers to carry stones to build a shelter. As it was near the enemy’s camp, Martin ordered that no shots should be fired under any circumstances, so as not to give away his position.Private 1st Class Herman was one of them.As they entered the valley, Herman picked up a rock, and he was keenly aware that under the rock were two brightly colored snakes entangled and mating.How could americans pass up such a good opportunity to do evil?He playfully took out his bayonet and pulled him.But the king was so angry that he jumped up and bit him in the face.Herman shrieked and fell to the ground.Comrades saw have surrounded, the assassination of two snakes;The snake king saw the situation was not good, injured after the slip away, the mother snake was stabbed to death on the spot.His comrades rushed to his rescue, but without an antidote, Herman passed out.To the americans’ surprise, the snake they encountered was a social, headheaded snake, highly venomous, aggressive and vengeful.Just as they had given Hermann a shot of morphine and were about to carry him back to the heights to decide what to do, there was an ominous hiss in the air.It turned out that king Snake had called all the snakes back for revenge.The soldiers set their bayonets ready to avenge Hermann.After all, it is an elite division. At the beginning, it can still cope with unity.They kill dozens of snakes, and face off against the snakes, even.But as the number of snakes grew, the Americans were losing the battle.Soldiers were bitten by poisonous snakes and fell to the ground, the mountains and fields, as if endless snakes.Military orders, we did not dare to fire, for fear of attracting the firepower of the Vietnamese army.The last two soldiers saw the situation was not good, and fled, busy not fall to pick up two lives back to the commander report this matter.The company commander thought something strange was going on. He had never heard of such a thing in all these years.Then with two subordinates repeatedly confirm, just know the situation is true.The company commander did not dare to go back to collect the body, for fear of being besieged by snakes again.So they went back to higher ground.The night passed without incident, and Martin felt that the matter was over.But that night, the snakes came again.I have to say this snake can hold a grudge.The sentry who had first spotted the snakes had been killed, and Martin ordered them to work in groups of three, back to back, against the snakes.The snakes came up like crazy, and in the blink of an eye dozens of soldiers were poisoned and bitten;Martin, seeing the danger, ordered the use of any weapons to attack, otherwise before the Vietnamese army, will be wiped out by the snake.However, snakes are everywhere. Grenades, flamethrowers, heavy machine guns and other heavy weapons are afraid to use them for fear of injuring friendly forces.The snakes found the American army’s hands tied, united to attack, soon, more than 130 strong company only 12 people left.Even the long Martin is dead under the snake’s venom, it can be said that the howl is everywhere.The remaining soldiers frantically called for hq support over the radio, desperate for death.Then they made a fire, and things gradually settled down;At this point, one of the soldiers suggested that the field books said that snakes were afraid of the smell of sulfur.So everyone hurried into action, unloaded bullets and gun charge, grenade charge, grenade charge many scattered around, the strong smell of sulfur filled the whole jungle;The snakes retreated as they collapsed.The US rescue helicopter flew to higher ground and the 12 surviving soldiers returned safely to base.At this time, some people may ask, such a big noise at night, both guns and bombs, did the Vietnamese army not notice?In fact, although the Vietnamese army heard the gunfire, but the darkness was dark, afraid to go out to be ambushed, so they did not attack the camp, which allowed the 12 American soldiers to safely retreat.The 12 veterans who narrowly escaped one of the human and snake wars come back to the United States and gather together every year to reflect on what happened to them and how precious their lives are.This story tells us, do not like the United States everywhere to invade other countries to cause trouble, otherwise, do more injustice will be killed;Cruel punishment was yet to come.