The law of survival for pharmaceutical companies in 2022: Innovative drug companies are big names, but they won’t go

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Resource is the biggest industry barrier for pharmaceutical representatives. The 3 million pharmaceutical representatives who have been “laid off” hundreds of times by the industry media will be “sad year after year” in 2022?”At the end of the day, resources are the biggest barrier.”That’s how one longtime medical representative described the job at the end of January.From January to December 2021, a total of 782 new drugs were approved for clinical trials in China, among which anti-tumor drugs were the most popular, accounting for more than 50 percent, according to Dingxiang Yuan.Many of these new drugs will go to the market after clinical steps, and commercialization is also the biggest headache for many innovative drug companies at present.Drug reps won’t disappear, and innovative drugs still need to be marketed to doctors in hospitals.In the long run, there is still a lot of room for the industry to grow.But the industry’s allocation of resources will be skewed.Due to the characteristics of innovative drugs, the old pharmacists may not have strong acceptance ability of the new pharmacists, especially the doctors and department resources in the hands of the old pharmacists may be incompatible with the new ones.Should we continue to make full use of the resources we have accumulated, or should we go with the tide and move into unfamiliar territory?2018 is a watershed year for China’s pharmaceutical industry.In public, many pharmaceutical executives have said that the 2015 drug audit reform has completely changed the landscape of China’s pharmaceutical industry.In fact, they all know in their hearts: the “4+7” purchase with quantity since 2018 is the real storm.The national Medical Insurance Administration has the confidence to negotiate prices with drug companies after determining how many drugs hospitals need to use and how much generics will cost.In the “4+7” pilot project, 25 selected products saw an average reduction of 52%, with the highest reduction as high as 96%.Profit margins are shrinking. Even the big Hengrui Pharma saw sales of traditional generics fall 57% in the first half of 2021 after it fully participated in the market.It has long been said that 3m pharmaceutical agents will lose their jobs.Since 2018, novartis, Pfizer, Bayer and other international pharmaceutical companies have announced a series of layoffs, the main layoffs are pharmaceutical representatives.Some Domestic companies are also feeling the crisis. “In the past, the sales expenses of pharmaceutical companies generally accounted for more than 40 percent of the total revenue.After buying in bulk, the company’s profits may not be able to support the high selling expenses.”From 2018 to 2020, with the gradual deepening of collective procurement products, the sales expense ratio of domestic enterprises that used to obtain a large market by generic drugs is mostly decreasing year by year.The change of sales expense ratio of some domestic drug collection enterprises is a period of famine for drug manufacturers.One by one, the traditional dominant varieties are being collected, and the scope of their work is gradually shrinking. It is becoming more and more difficult to find safer varieties that are not easy to be collected.Innovative drugs, on the other hand, are mostly not on the market.The science and Technology Innovation Board and Hong Kong Stock 18A are uniquely inclusive of biomedicine. Innovative pharmaceutical companies that have obtained large sums of financing and IPO are still investing in research and development, and have no products listed, not to mention the establishment of sales force.But things are changing rapidly.The capital market will be more inclined to require listed pharmaceutical companies to produce profits. Lu Haisheng, regional director of the Market development Department of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said publicly: “The commercialization ability of enterprises is a very important indicator of the future science and Technology Innovation Board, and the thinking of the IPO of pharmaceutical companies will be gradually adjusted in the future.”According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, the science and technology innovation board successfully met more than 35 pharmaceutical enterprises.These new enterprises that have just landed in the secondary market will soon face the problem of establishing pharmaceutical representative teams and realizing commercialization.Medical reps don’t actually lose their jobs.Before the future arrives, the kinds of products sold by current medical representatives determine the career path.”In the beginning, the income of representatives of these types of medicine was naturally affected by the strengthened regulation of the clinical use of antibiotics.Later, the agency of a class of device products, now the Medical device supervision and management regulations are about to be implemented, maybe (we) will still be affected.”A medical representative with more than 10 years of experience confided.There was a medical representative from Changchun High-tech jinsai Pharmaceutical co., LTD., responsible for the sales of growth hormone.Recently, he said, “I’m glad I left.”Another representative joked that even dental implants should be collected, what is impossible.In the early days of China’s stricter drug regulation, one of the most common choices for drug manufacturers was to steer clear of controlled products and switch to other drugs.However, with the gradual acceleration of the frequency of policy promulgations and the normalization of collective procurement, the random evasion of medical representatives can not help reduce the risk of unemployment, but more likely to fall into instability.National centralized procurement is mainly for products with large dosage and high price. The chronic disease drugs that used to provide large revenue for pharmaceutical companies are no longer “brilliant”.The most typical is acarbose tablets (50mg/ tablet, 30 tablets), which are used to treat diabetes patients, whose price has been reduced from 61.92 yuan to 5.42 yuan.The era of generic drugs is over.In response, some pharmaceutical companies involved in collective procurement said: in addition to increasing the sales of products purchased without volume, but also to accelerate the development of innovative products.Obviously, these two need a lot of people to do promotion.The development direction of the medical representative is essentially the development direction of the medical industry.With the increase of life expectancy in China, aging is becoming more and more serious, and the incidence of cancer diseases remains high, the market prospect of cancer drugs is very promising.According to Qianzhan Research Institute, from 2016 to 2020, the market size of anti-tumor drugs in China increased from 86.362 billion yuan to 145.874 billion yuan, and the growth trend is continuing.Antitumor drugs, immune drugs and even rare disease drugs will be the main drug sales force for a long time in the future, which is an irreversible law with the development of national economy.”Avoiding collectives” is not a wise strategy.China’s collective procurement policy, in fact, is forced to push up the scientific and technological content of China’s pharmaceutical industry through the payment end.Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have lowered the price of generic drugs through free competition and encouraged enterprises to develop new drugs at the industrial level, thus making breakthroughs one after another in the field of biomedicine today.China will always follow this path.It is impossible for all 3 million pharmaceutical representatives to stay at the forefront of the industry.What else can pharmacists do without a career switch?Innovative pharmaceutical companies often say that pharmaceutical manufacturers will develop in a professional and academic direction, but the actual working status of many first-line pharmaceutical manufacturers is far from ideal, “it is dreamed up by people sitting in the office.””The essence of pharmaceutical industry is to serve patients, and humanistic care is more important in this industry.In academic and professional aspects, pharmacokinetics are difficult to improve qualitatively.”The practitioner with more than 10 years of pharmaceutical experience said so.Humane care, that sounds hard to measure.But this has been the way the old reps have been working for years.Medical representatives are often associated with adverse events.Although many pharmaceutical manufacturers do offer kickbacks and regulate prescriptions, establishing good relationships with doctors is the basis for their survival in the era of generic drugs.That connection still works in the sun today.In the non-pharmaceutical sector, for example, there is a huge market for helping doctors manage patients’ entire course of disease.Many tumour patient or the patient such as metabolic disorder needs to raise a body, how to allocate food?How to exercise for recovery?How to make regular return visit?Doctors only inform patients and their families of the contraindications and characteristics of the condition comprehensively, and cannot take care of their performance or not.To do all this well, extra manpower is needed to care for the patients.”Why do the old people who are cheated on the news cheat?The essence is that people need care when they are vulnerable.That’s why pharmaceutical representatives are not going away, and digital marketing is not going to replace them.”From the perspective of pharmaceutical industry, this can be regarded as “vertical extension of the industrial chain”, extending from doctors to terminal patients, lengthening the service chain and gaining more benefits.In addition, another option for some senior medical representatives is to link the resources of private medical institutions and doctors to gain profits.For example, doctors’ resources can be connected to some Internet medical platforms. The Internet platforms can gain endorsement from doctors, and doctors can also expand their influence and gain reasonable income increase.This is “horizontal scaling”.Medical reps aren’t as glamorous as the outside world thinks, and they’re not as bad as the outside world thinks.In 2022, a large number of pharmaceutical representatives will continue to adhere to the non-collective production of varieties, there is always room to feed people;The commercial team construction of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises will also attract a number of people.The rest of them are wonderful in their own way.Article | | niacinamide operation 20. Two in-depth articles every day, decode medical health # innovation drug firms in # # #