District party committee inspection group 2 inspection district disabled persons’ Federation party feedback meeting was held

2022-04-24 0 By

On February 24, the feedback meeting of the CPC District Disabled Persons’ Federation’s Leading party group was held.Members of the leading group of district Party Committee inspection work, all members of the second group of District Party Committee inspection, members of the leading group of district Disabled Persons’ Federation, all cadres and workers attended.At the meeting, the second inspection group of the District Committee fed back the inspection situation to the leading party group of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation and put forward suggestions for rectification.The leading group of inspection work of the District Committee requires that the leading group of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation should further unify their thoughts, improve their understanding, enhance their political consciousness, thought consciousness and action consciousness of the inspection and rectification, continue to make efforts to promote the implementation of the rectification and complete the rectification task to the letter.To adhere to the problem-oriented, earnestly shoulder the main responsibility of inspection and rectification, resolutely implement the rectification requirements, with practical actions to help the all-round high-quality development of our district.The rectification requirements of district committees should be thoroughly implemented to ensure that inspections and rectification can stand the test of history and practice.Area of disabled persons’ federation, head of the party as a gesture to speak, said the inspector set of questions and rectification opinions have very strong pertinence and guidance, disabled persons’ federation will in accordance with the relevant requirements, further enhance the initiative of the rectification problem, earnestly shouldering responsibility main body, strengthen the work measures, with high sense of responsibility and urgency, solid work pays special attention to the rectification after half an article,Do that is to know that the reform, the establishment of the reform, comprehensive rectification, in the rectification of the promotion of work, in the rectification of achievements, to promote the cause of the disabled in our district to a new level, with practical action to meet the party’s 20th victory held.