Chasing light | tonight, played ice and fire anthem

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Olympics is ice and snow festival is also a paean of flame lighting ceremony of the classic winter Olympics opening ceremony, even if the past many years is still in people’s memory can’t erase sometimes classic from opportunely the 1952 Oslo games opening ceremony torch hand and foot on skis create classic entry 1976 Olympic winter games in innsbruck in honor of two winter Olympics opening ceremony set the two main torch towerSometimes classic from the Sapporo winter games in 1972 fine on the opening ceremony lit the torch by the students moral people expect of the future 1992 Olympic winter games in albertville, finally the main torch lit by star michel platini and a child sometimes implies the Olympic spirit from generation to generation classic 1994 years from bold innovation, ski jumping athletes hamel winter Olympics opening ceremonyLeap from high platform and into the main frame is an impressive 2002 Olympic winter games in Salt Lake City the main torch was eventually won the Olympic champion hockey player collective lit from classic sometimes regret 2010 vancouver winter Olympics opening ceremony the main torch lighting ceremony four runners within venue audience tribute then huge torch from the middle of the field “ice-breaking” fireTorch three root “icicle” base has also set up but at this time should actually rises four pillars “icicle” three of the torch lit the final three flames “icicle” base the main torch lit the organizing committee of the closing ceremony will be a pity to clever and humor to cover at the closing ceremony began the cauldron is to build an “incomplete” status “clown” dressed as electrician admission withoutErected before “icicle” after some time to check the power plug the opening ceremony for the fourth root “icicle” then stand up main torch appeared again lit the torch at the scene of applause more “that the” with the vancouver winter Olympics torch Lord “and cold combined with different” 2014 Olympic winter games in sochi after the torch was handed over to two Russian sports legend characters eventually torchbearers kindleAlong the line of fire is like a bird fly to the top of the main torch tower of nirvana “firebird” sirens in the night sky to vomit flame instantaneous gestures, the fireworks light up the night sky pyeongchang in 2018 Olympics opening ceremony ignition ceremony north and South Korea women’s joint hockey team two players, together with the torch came to a slope along the slopes suddenly appeared two ladder to ascend the stairs slowly ran to the main torch tower main torchTower under the famous south Korean figure skater Kim yu-na slide on the ice dancing two players, the torch to Kim yu-na she lit the main torch tower under ice from above the long combustion tube leads to the main torch “bomb” main torch was lit in Beijing late winter Olympics on February 4, the opening ceremony director zhang yimou said the lighting ceremony “in one hundred did not appear in Olympic history,” let us togetherWitness this exciting moment reporter: Wang Junbao Editor: Wei Hua, Zhou Xin, Huang Xuguo