Apple fans are having a hard time accepting that apple’s iPhone14 isn’t all that great, and cook is a businessman

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As we all know, although apple is ridiculed every year for not innovating technology and following nokia’s old path, it has been proved that the worse it is criticized, the better its sales will be. Whether it was iPhone12 last year or iPhone13 last year, apple has delivered a pretty perfect report card.The worse you get, the better your iPhone will sell?The previous year’s iPhone12 was snapped up at the beginning of its sale due to the selling point of the first 5GiPhone, and even the page pressure on the official website and e-commerce platform was too large, leading to partial breakdown.The same was true for iPhone13 last year. It was hard to find one at the beginning of sales, and even the official website delivery time was delayed for a month, showing the popularity of sales.And apple certainly became the world’s no. 1 in Q4 2021 with the iPhone13.But as we move into 2022, the iPhone13’s buzz is beginning to wane, and news of the next flagship iPhone14 is beginning to emerge.Apple’s iPhone14 pro will come with a hole-in screen, a Promotion adaptive refresh rate screen and even under-screen fingerprinting, according to analysts.On the other hand, there will be a huge upgrade to the iPhone14Pro’s image system, from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels.If anything, the iPhone14 will indeed be the most upgraded in years.But is this really the case?The iPhone14 will not be fully equipped with the Promotion adaptive refresh technology, it will only be available in the Pro series, and it will also not have under-screen fingerprint technology.It is worth mentioning that the whistleblower’s accuracy rate for the new iPhone has always been relatively high, so many people are convinced this time.The price of the iPhone14 has now been revealed, to the disappointment of apple fans.The price of the iPhone14 is expected to rise this year.With the mini cut, the standard iPhone14 is expected to be the cheapest model, starting at $799, while the new 14Max will start at $899.The iPhone14Pro and 14ProMax, which have the same specs, start at $1,099 and $1,199, respectively, which are both increases over the iPhone13Pro.Given the news that TSMC’s contract chip prices will rise, and the cost of other technologies, Cook is a businessman and will make up for his costs on the selling price.Obviously, apple fans will be disappointed if the standard iPhone14 doesn’t get much of an upgrade, as it might make the iPhone13 look better.Because the practical application and performance of A15 chip of iPhone13 have been very mature and satisfactory, excellent performance and excellent energy efficiency ratio, even if a GPU core is emasculated, but the A15 chip of iPhone13 is still the top current industry.Second, despite the small battery, the battery life of the iPhone13 is surprisingly good, not only thanks to the optimization capabilities of IOS, but also thanks to the power control of the A15.So that’s one of the main reasons why the iPhone13 was so popular last year, when apple finally got rid of a long-standing problem.Finally, in the image system, iPhone13 after the upgrade of the lens module, night scene shooting table is compared to the previous generation of iPhone12 is also not a small improvement.With the addition of movie mode and displacement sensor downsizing, the iPhone13’s video performance is surprisingly good.So from these perspectives, after a series of Revelations about the iPhone14, many apple fans suddenly feel that the iPhone13 is even more fragrant.What do you think?