“Grow together in happy winter vacation” display of “Good homework in winter vacation” of Jie Zhongxin Primary School in Sihong County (4

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Dear students: the years turn into a song, time passes like a flower.The bell of 2022 has rung, and the wheel of time has gone round again. With the warm sunshine in winter, the Year of the Tiger is full of joy, enjoying the first winter holiday under the “double reduction” policy.Winter vacation is the continuation of school life, is a vivid and colorful practice lessons, is from books to life and society bridge.Students, I believe that the colorful practice homework will help you have a colorful winter vacation.Below, let’s take a look!Working tiger industrious students in the holidays when mom and dad little helper, in the housework experience parents housekeeping hard, cultivate good habits of self-care life.Sports Tiger We know that life lies in exercise, keep a healthy body, can not do without exercise.Exercise is to exercise, exercise is more expensive than persistence, persistence is victory, movement is a kind of fun, is a kind of enjoyment.”Intelligent tiger is the most scholarly can reach far, abdomen has poetry gas from China”.Quiet can give birth to wisdom, reading let children insert good thinking wings.During the long winter vacation, the children relaxed and welcomed the New Year, but never stopped learning. They wandered in the sea of books, comprehending the truth of being a man, making friends with interesting characters, understanding the long river of history and feeling the joy of reading.Beauty education tiger Kailov said: “beauty education is an integral part of students’ overall development, its essence lies in understanding the beauty of nature and society, understanding the beauty of the mutual relationship between people, lies in understanding the reality around with artistic vision, also lies in cultivating the creativity of art beauty.”Dear students, let’s combine work and rest in the winter vacation and try to move forward;Let us firmly dream in the new age of seasonal reincarnation, seize the day and live up to the time!Source: Jie Zhongxin Primary School, Sihong County