Deqing girl, contribute youth strength for Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Spring Festival of The Year of Yin tiger, the drums of the Beijing Winter Olympics are beating.The organizing work of the conference is inseparable from the efficient cooperation and tacit cooperation of various work areas, including the volunteer team naturally.Chen Yuemiao, a girl from Deqing, is one of the enthusiastic young volunteers who can be seen in the relevant venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Chen Yuemiao lives in Xinshi And is currently a senior student at Beihang University.This is not the first time the post-00s girl has participated in such a large-scale event.In 2019, she was honored to participate in the chorus of the parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Chen yuemiao said she has been watching the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and is looking forward to participating as a volunteer.In 2020, she signed up for the Beijing Winter Olympics.How difficult is it to be a volunteer for the Winter Olympics?It took Ms. Chen nearly 10 months to figure it out.An “excellent student” in the eyes of teachers and classmates, he encountered many challenges on his way to becoming a volunteer for the Winter Olympics.”What are your English skills and communication skills, whether you have volunteer service experience, whether you can live without going home for the Spring Festival, and whether you are afraid of the epidemic?Chen yuemiao told reporters that after three rounds of interviews with the college, the university and the Olympic organizing committee, only 400 students were selected out of more than 4,000 applicants.After being selected, Chen and her fellow volunteers also had to undergo offline professional training and more than 200 hours of online training.Chen yuemiao is the event service supervisor in Yanqing, responsible for the security check and ticket check for spectators at the three venues.”There are 10 people in our group, and I’m the lead so I get there before everyone else.”Ms. Chen said she threw herself into the preparations last November.During the games, she spent 12 hours a day at the venue, checking in at minus 10 degrees Celsius for more than 700 visitors.As the supervisor, she also needs to handle emergencies at the ticket inspection post at any time, do a good job of uploading and distributing, and cooperate with security and technical personnel to complete the ticket inspection work of the whole venue.”On my first day on the job, I just checked in by myself. As a result, the security check at the back lane couldn’t keep up with the speed, leading to serious congestion among tourists.”Chen Yuemiao, a financial engineering major, had never handled ticket checking before. She kept doing her homework. She went from “knowing a little” to “learning more and more.”In addition to compulsory and elective courses on the information and knowledge Management platform of BoCOG, she also studied related event service introductions from the Internet and even consulted experienced students in school.In previous years, Chen yuemiao would prepare dinner with her parents and do housework.This year, as far as Beijing, she also sent New Year wishes to everyone: “I wish dad, mom, grandpa and grandma good health and happy New Year!I wish the group matches of volleyball and three-man basketball of the Upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games to be held smoothly. I hope I can come to watch the games if I have the chance.”-END- Reporter: Zhang Zhiwei Video: Wang Shujia Editor: Chen Yuran Review: Zhang Zheping epidemic prevention tips